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It is so easy to easy to mail out your message to a targeted area using SugarBot. We bring the contacts to you. We are your one stop mail marketing resource.

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Validation Testing Group

You’ve got a prototype and ready to gain the product knowledge you need for PERFECT product market fit. You don’t want to risk the opinions of people who might not actually be your customers at the end of the day.

SugarBot was created by a behavioral scientist who knows a lot about participant groups, and he made sure SugarBot is able to get perfect participants.

  • Focus groups are famous for participant biases that can lead you down the wrong path.
  • SugarBot enables you to identify focus group participants that own or run the businesses you ultimate want as customers.
  • Get brand champions instead of opinions.

Your Use Case

Focused B2B Marketing

Your product is working well. You have it validated. Now it’s time to grow. The Press app helps make getting dry cleaning done easier than ever. They needed to work with every dry cleaner around. At first their intern painstakingly scraped the web. Then SugarBot rescued this poor soul and they got every dry cleaner’s contact info in a flash, which saved countless time and money.

  • Specify your target location
  • Specify EXACTLY the business your looking for
  • Start communicating
  • Get results
  • GROW


SugarBot Marketing Tool
Sugarbot marketing communicating

Your Use Case

Focused Person Finding

Imagine your are in the start-up accelerator space. Your mentors come and go, especially the type known as CTO. You’ve spend a lot of time and money on various recruiter sites, job platforms, and even social media. Days have turned into weeks.

Enter SugarBot: The search gets defined, a few seconds later, your list appears. You start making contact on YOUR terms.

  • Are you looking for C-level people at certain corporations? You’ve got a position to fill or want to create a special group.
  • The D&B data sources excels at getting you the information you need to stop digging and start communicating.
  • Results are fantastic and rewarding.
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The internet has made everyone your neighbor. So why spend your time Googling each individual address? Keep all that information in one place with SugarBot.